Blog Slacker

Well, my brother just called me out for being a blog slacker, so I figured I would post something.

I’ve been slacking because I’ve spent the past two days out of the house while our Bamboo flooring was being installed.  The boys are back today too, installing trim.  They should be done with everything by lunchtime tomorrow, at the latest.  Hopefully we can get the painter in here soon!  Kana is in the air as I write this, on her way to NY City then St. Louis.  She’ll arrive in Detroit a week from Friday.

I am so thankful that my good friends Mark and Nonie have let me hang out at their house the past two afternoons.  I don’t know what I would have done!  In the mornings I went to the coffee shop and then the gym.  It has been so nice getting back to the gym.  I am planning on skiing in a cross-country ski race in January — my first since I graduated high school.  In order to not finish dead last and totally embarrass myself, I need to get my body somewhat conditioned.  So after two days at the gym after a long hiatus, I’m pretty sore.

I just heard this from downstairs: “DAMN!  That is f*cked up!  That is just bad!”  Not very comforting.

I also heard: “Joe, I just saw your buttcrack.  It kind of turned me on.”

I think they forgot that I’m here…

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