Craigslist isn’t just for lunatics

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We had a nice weekend.  Nick worked on the brakes in the VW, I worked on gathering donations and eBaying.

shabby loveseat

As many of you know, we are in major renovation mode to finish the last two rooms on the 1st floor of our house.  This is in preparation for our special house guest from Japan, Kana, who will be arriving December 10th.  As I write this, Big Jim is working on the mudding and we’re hoping it will be done this week so Tom can come in and paint.  Then, the floor will be installed.  We’re really coming down to the wire on this, and Nick and I are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be done on time.  Another concern of ours was finding furniture to fill our living room.

A few months ago, we bought a sleeper sofa off of Craigslist with the intention of moving it into the TV room/guest room after the renovation.  In the meantime, it has been sitting in the living room, along with a very shabby loveseat we acquired years ago from one of Nick’s friends.  We’re both dying to get rid of it.  In fact, it is going on the curb Friday.  If you need a shabby loveseat, come and get it. 🙂  My brother-in-law has the matching shabby couch that he’ll be looking to get rid of, if you want a set.

So, anyway, we needed a new couch and since we always felt the loveseat was too big for the room, a chair to replace it.  I’d been looking on Craigslist periodically, but hadn’t really found the right combination of style, color, condition and price.  Saturday morning, I found it.  A midnight blue, low-back suede sofa from a pet-less, child-less home in Troy.  Killer price, great condition.  The guy is moving to Palm Beach this winter and unloading all of his extra furniture.  Since that was the case, we asked if he happened to have a chair as well.  He did, and the style matches the couch.  The chair is a bit more worn than the couch, and we’re uncertain about the color, but I figure that I can always slipcover it very easily.  All in all, we got a very nice couch and a good chair for under $200.  Very much under budget.

I think people hesitate to use Craigslist because of the “Craigslist killer” stories and other stories of people getting ripped off.  It is just like anything else though — be careful and use your head and common sense.  We’ve found two sofas, a chair and one of our cars on Craigslist and we’ve sold a door.  If you are looking to get some good stuff for a good price, give it a shot.  If you need to get rid of some things but don’t want to use eBay, give it a shot.  Craigslist isn’t just for lunatics.

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