Making Cream Cheese & Whey

One of my favorite newly acquired homesteading skills is making cream cheese and whey from yogurt.  I originally found this idea here on the Wellness Mama website.  I followed her instructions exactly and with great results!  I went on to use the cream cheese in an Artichoke Spinach Chicken recipe, also found on the Wellness Mama site. You’ll see how I used the whey in an upcoming post (whey stays good for 6 months in the fridge, so you have time to think about what you want to make with it).  Making cream cheese and whey couldn’t be easier, go on and give it a try!

I used Stoneyfield Farm Plain Whole Milk organic yogurt and tied it in a cheesecloth.  The next time I make it, I will use a thin towel (which was actually a flat cloth diaper — they are excellent for use in the kitchen!)  It sat for about 8 hours this way.  Here is the cream cheese finished product:

Note:  The cream cheese is tangier than your normal Philly Cream Cheese, so be prepared for that.

Are you going to give it a try?  If you do, come back and report on your experience, or talk to me on Facebook!

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