One of the very knowledgeable guys over on MDA just posted a very good explanation of what insulin does in your body, and I’d like to share it with you:

Insulin is a hormone that does many things. The important one for us here is that it tells the body to keep it’s fat stores and NOT release them to be used for energy. Insulin does this after eating carbs mostly (it’s released every time you eat, no matter what you’re eating, but carbs produce more insulin release than other foods, hence carbs being labeled as fattening)

So, eating less carbs causes less insulin release so there’s nothing to tell the body “hold on to your fat!” and it instead starts letting go of it which is what we want to happen.” — iniQuity

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

For more info, read

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  1. It totally makes sense. I love the blog update, too. It looks great!

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